Anxiety Support Group

Are You Always Anxious?

You might feel anxious when faced with a pressing deadline at work or when you have a falling-out with a friend. Occasional anxiety is an expected part of life, but anxiety disorders involve more than temporary worry - this kind of worry can be constant for months, and the symptoms can interfere with your job, school work, health, and relationships.

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the United States. While medications can help relieve the symptoms of anxiety, many people seek methods to treat the cause at its root.

During Anxiety Support Group, it’s my goal to help you retrain your brain and give you the guidance you need to reach and maintain a better state of mental wellbeing!

Meet Krista Ryan, Facilitator of Anxiety Support Group:

Krista is a professional business and goal coach, certified trainer, and speaker. She supports employees within an organization through confidential conversations about performance, growth, relationships and company culture. Krista is able to enhance the environment of each organization through employee accountability and commitment. As an experienced business owner, human resources director and marketing consultant, Krista is able to support her clients by determining ways to leverage existing strengths, build productive relationships and advance their roles. Krista bridges the gap in conversations with the employee and the business. As an outside resource, she is able to offer transparent and honest support and bring to the forefront the conversations that may not otherwise be had. Krista has proven to increase the businesses productivity, workplace morale, employee satisfaction and retention. Whether you strive to maintain forward progression or are looking for improvement, Krista is able to offer services to benefit your overall goals.

Hosted by:

KfG Coaching, LLC

Learn To Confront Your Anxiety With The Support You Need

Anxiety can feel debilitating at times. One of the best things you can do to stop anxiety from taking over your life is to talk about the way you feel with people who can relate to your problems.

During this 90-day support group, I’ll be encouraging each of you to share your thoughts, strategies, and insights with one another as I offer coping mechanisms and immediately implementable tactics. From discussing nutrition and sleep to touching on the importance of having a ‘panic plan,’ I’ll cover all the essentials. Plus, I’m here as an extra resource if you need me.

Your journey toward a better mental state doesn’t have to be scary and lonely. It’s my goal to bring together a fantastic group of people who can help one another grow and validate the feelings that you all share.

I Can’t Wait to Get Started On Sunday, July 14th!