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Supervisor Support Webinar

If you are a new supervisor or looking to "brush up" on your leadership skills, this webinar is designed for you! 

In todays world, supervisors are under extreme pressure to keep the business running smoothly while maintaining the productivity and positivity of those that support it.  
In this webinar (zoom meeting) we will connect live with other supervisors and those in leadership to collectivly learn tips and tools to be more successful and confident in our roles.

We will discuss topics such as:

1. How to make proper requests, offers, and promises.  
2. How to lead with kindness and confidence.
3. How to encourage employees to live (and work) with a positive and accountable mindset.
4. How to help employees drop out of the blame and complain game. "Thats not part of my job!"

Krista Ryan is a professional business and goal coach that focuses on the mindset within organizations.  For two years, she has been working with teams on making transformational changes to the overall structure and accountability of the business. Through her coaching, she has proven to assist organizations with increased productivity, team morale, goal achievement, workplace positivity and overall health.  With her 14+ years experience as a family business owner (First Security Bank, Byron) she has first-hand experience of the importance of accountability, joy, and connection which leads to success within the workplace. 

Krista's goal is to provide you with the support and tools to help you not only THRIVE in your leadership role, but encourage other employees within your organization to do the same. 

Please join Krista, along with other like-minded business leaders, in this supportive event!

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